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United States Government Submits Sentencing Brief for Rebecca Rubin (Operation Backfire)

Today, the United States government submitted its sentencing brief in regards to “Operation Backfire” defendant Rebecca Rubin. Given that Rubin entered a non-cooperating plea agreement, the state is asking for a sentence of 90 months, seven and a half years. For actions taken on behalf of the Earth and its human and non-human inhabitants, we in NYC ABC find this disgusting. Rebecca should be free, back with her family and loved ones!

Rebecca Rubin plead guilty to taking part in Earth Liberation Front actions, including actions taken against Bio-Devices in California; U.S. Forest Products in Oregon; and the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado. She also participated in the liberation of horses and the arson of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse Facilities in Litchfield, California and Burns, Oregon.

Rubin is scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on Monday, January 27th. If you are in or near Portland, Oregon, please consider showing your support.

The complete sentencing brief can be viewed here.

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