Tri-fold Pamphlets

For many of the prisoners NYC ABC supports, we have tri-fold pamphlets. Some are our own design, others taken from the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. Feel free to download and distribute as you see fit– there’s even space on the back to add your local group’s contact information.

NOTE: When two-sided/duplex printing, select “print on short edge.” This way you avoid one side being printed upside down.

Bill Dunne

Chip Fitzgerald
Cleveland 4 (Skelly, Connor Stevens, Doug Wright)
David Gilbert
Eric King
Jalil Muntaqim
Jamil Al-Amin
Jeremy Hammond
Joe-Joe Bowen
Leonard Peltier
Marius Mason
MOVE 9 (Charles, Delbert, Edward, Janet, and Janine Africa)
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mutulu Shakur
NATO 3 (Jay Chase)
Nebraska 2 (Ed Poindexter)
Ronald Reed
Russell Maroon Shoatz
Sundiata Acoli
United Freedom Front (Jaan Laaman)
Veronza Bowers
Virgin Island 5 (Abdul Aziz, Hanif Shabazz Bey, Malik Smith)
Walter Bond

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