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BK/NY – Tuesday, August 2nd – Come Support Canadian Revolutionary Joseph Clement

What: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
When: 7pm (sharp), Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
Where: 885 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (see below for directions)
Cost: Free

Well hot damn if Running Down the Walls 2011 here in NYC wasn’t amazing. We had a good turnout, not much hassle from the cops, and perfect weather. A good chunk of loot got raised for the ABCF Warchest and the Safe OUTside the System Collective (SOS), some genuinely amazing picnic food was shared, and folks are already talking about next year’s run. If you couldn’t make it, but still want to donate to the warchest, e-mail us or send a donation to the NYC ABC post office box (both addresses listed below).

Never content to rest on our laurels, we’re heading back into the NYC ABC staple– our every-other-week Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner. Anticipate having your mind blown by the food this week, but come for the person to whom we’re writing– Joseph Clement.

Joseph is a Canadian comrade who, in late 2010, firebombed a bank. No one was injured and it is clear that was by design. Joseph has been an active organizer for decades and his imprisonment is a loss to his community.

Once arrested, along with two other folks, Joseph remained steadfast in his decision to neither give names, testify against others, nor cooperate with the state. Unfortunately, at this point in history, such a stance is noteworthy as we’ve seen seemingly committed folks turn to the most disgusting and treacherous acts in an attempt to shave a little time off of a potential sentence. As a direct result of Joseph’s strength of character, his co-defendants were not tried for the bombing.

While we expect to see you on Tuesday, if you can’t make it, please take the time to write a letter to Joseph at:

Joseph Roger Clement FPS-666866F
Pittsburgh Institution
Highway 15, Number 3766
Post Office Box 4510
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5E5

The deal, as always, is that you come bringing only yourself (and your friends and comrades), and we provide you with a delicious vegan meal, information about the prisoners as well as all of the letter-writing materials and prisoner-letter-writing info you could ever want to use in one evening. In return, you write a thoughtful letter to a political prisoner or prisoner of war of your choosing or, better yet, keep up a long-term correspondence. We’ll also provide some brief updates and pass around birthday cards for the PP/POWs whose birthdays fall in the next two weeks thanks to the Anarchist Birthday Brigade.

Getting to 885 Park Avenue is simple:
From the J/M/Z:
Flushing Stop: Walk southeast on Broadway (toward Sumner Place, away from Thornton Street) and make a right on Park Avenue. We’re halfway down the block, on your right.
Myrtle Stop: Walk northwest on Broadway (toward Melrose Street, away from Troutman Street) and make a left on Park Avenue. We’re halfway down the block on the right.

From the G Train:
Flushing Avenue Stop: Walk south on Marcy Avenue (toward Hopkins Street, away from Wallabout Street) and turn left on Park Avenue. We’re three and a half blocks down on the left.
Myrtle-Willoughby Avenues Stop: Walk north on Marcy Avenue (toward Stockton Street, away from Vernon Avenue) and turn right on Park Avenue. We’re three and a half blocks down on your left.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, we’ll see you at supper.

This event is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Anarchist Black Cross.–

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211


Free all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War!
For the Abolition of State Repression and Domination!