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A request from Alex Stuck (Tinley Park Five)

Alex StuckBy way of Sacramento Prisoner Support and Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross, we’ve received a request from Tinley Park Five prisoner Alex Stuck. Alex is looking for books and articles. The requests read:
“Alex Stuck of the Tinley Park 5 wanted it to be spread around a little that he’d very much appreciate any book by Milton Erickson or Moshe Feldenkrais. He’d also like  articles on hypnotherapy. He did not request any specific titles, just anything by Milton Erickson and anything by Feldenkrais or by others about the Feldenkrais method. he is also interested in transpersonal psychology and kinesics.”

Anything you can do to help this antifascist comrade is appreciated. If you do decide to send a book, please contact folks from the Hoosier Anti Racist Movement (H.A.R.M.) or Bloomington ABC and let them know. This will help insure that Alex isn’t receiving multiples of the same titles. E-mail H.A.R.M. at or Bloomington ABC at

Here are some suggested titles:
Milton Erickson
Hypnotic Realities (With Ernest L. Rossi)
Healing in Hypnosis SENT
Hypnotherapy – An Exploratory Casebook (With Ernest L. Rossi)
Experiencing Hypnosis (With Ernest L. Rossi)
Time Distortion in Hypnosis (With Linn F. Cooper)

Moshe Feldenkrais
The Elusive Obvious
The Master Moves
Awareness through Movement SENT
The Potent Self
Practical Unarmed Combat
Judo: The Art of Defense and Attack
Higher Judo (Groundwork)

Books, articles, and letters can be sent to Alex at:
Alex Stuck M34020
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 North Brinton Avenue
Dixon, Illinois 61021

For more information on sending letters, articles, and books, checkout our guide to writing a letter.