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BK/NY – Monday, July 4th – noise demo in solidarity with the Eastchester 120 and prisoners everywhere

WHAT: Noise Demo
WHEN: 3:00pm, Monday, July 4th
WHERE: Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, the federal prison in Brooklyn); meeting at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 30th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232(D/N/R to 36th Street or R to 25th Street)
BRING: Noisemakers, air horns, drums, anything that is loud!
noise demo
July 4th is a day set aside for Americans to celebrate their freedom. What about the freedom of the 120 individuals taken into custody by nearly 700 police in gestapo style raids on April 27th? Many of these people were rounded up solely because of their manner of dress and without any evidence of them being involved in gang activity. The entire community was terrorized in order to awe its members into submission with a gratuitous display of the state’s ostensible omnipotence. We stand against this manifestly illegitimate state and stand in solidarity with the 120 people who were taken on that day, as well as with the two million others locked up behind bars in this country.

“The Land of the Free” is a collection of empty words when 2 million people are locked up in order to generate profit for a few; even more so when many of those folks are forced to work in slave labor conditions, devaluing and destabilizing work done by fellow workers on the outside. It’s imperative we understand that it’s only in collective solidarity with one another that we stand a chance against the few at the top who are willing to destroy our very lives in pursuit of profit. To this end, we stand in solidarity with the nation wide prison strike taking place on September 9th, the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising. Without our collective submission to their rule, those at the top are powerless. It’s toward this end of realizing our collective power that we direct this effort. Join NYC ABC, IWOC NYC, and Take Back the Bronx as we make some noise, hears stories from the families terrorized by cops, and show palpable solidarity to folks on the inside.