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Letter Writing in the Park for George Floyd Uprising Defendants

30 May 2022 Comments off

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter Writing in the Park
WHEN: 2:00-4:00pm Saturday, June 11th 2022
WHERE: Prospect Park – Lincoln Road/East Lake Drive, east of the Terrace Bridge (see the below map for exact location)
COST: Free

Join NYC ABC and Page One Collective on Saturday, June 11th for a letter writing in the park! We will be highlighting some defendants and prisoners of the George Floyd uprisings. We also encourage folx to write to those included in the June 11th International Day of Solidarity.

We will be meeting at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, the same location we host Running Down the Walls each year.

From the Q train, get off at the Prospect Park stop. Walk to Lincoln Road and turn right into the park. We’ll be about 700 feet away.

We will have surfaces to write on, pens, paper, postage, and information on the people we’re writing. Just bring yourself! And a friend!

BK/NY – Friday, July 3rd – Memorial Action for the Martyrs of the George Floyd Rebellion

WHAT: Public Memorial
WHEN: 7:00 PM, Friday, July 3rd
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York
COST: Free
More than 20 people have died at the hands of fascists/white supremacists, in or out of uniform, in the uprising since the murder of George Floyd, and this would be our first opportunity to memorialize them together.

This is a call to all backgrounds who seek radical change, not liberal reform, to come together to mourn those murdered by fascists/white supremacists, in or out of uniform, during the uprising following the murder of George Floyd.

A call for the abolition of police and prisons and nothing less, and reallocation of those funds to resources for Black and brown communities.

A call to free all those who have been arrested, arraigned, detained, or incarcerated by the city of New York.

A call to turn up at a time when we are told to turn down by collaborators, careerists, respectability politicians, and peace police.

Mask up, bring your crew, spread the word!

Tuesday, June 16th – Letter-writing to Imam Jamil al-Amin

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing
WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

COST: Free
from h. rap to imam jamilTo say it’s heating up in NYC is an understatement, and we don’t mean the late spring heatwave. Folks in their neighborhoods have been rising up against the fundamentally white supremacist NYPD. In NYC ABC, we organized a noise demonstration outside MDC Brooklyn, where prison cops killed Jamel Floyd and continue our work to support U.S. held political prisoners and prisoners of war. Though we remain quarantined from our in-person communities, the work continues, again in collaboration with our comrades in Page One Collective. Therefore, instead of coming together at The Base in Brooklyn, we ask that folks participate in keeping prisoners from being more alienated than they already are, by writing from home. Please post a photo of your addressed envelope on social media and tag us (with your return address blurred out) and we will share it, building digital community while our analog community stays indoors and washes its hands. This week, our every-other-week letter-writing is focused on Black liberation political prisoner Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

We were recently reminded of the quote ‘violence is as American as cherry pie’ with the choking murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by cops there. That prescient quote is from Imam Jamil Al-Amin (then known as H. Rap Brown).

Jamil Al-Amin is a long time community leader and organizer, falsely imprisoned for  killing a sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. He was convicted in 2002 and after some time in Georgia state prison, the state decided to bury him in federal custody at the notorious Florence Supermax in Colorado. Due to a concerted and strong effort on the part of his supporters, Imam Jamil was transferred to the medical facility at Butner after having been diagnosed with bone cancer. Family and supporters are currently pushing for an appeal to his trial. More information is available at

Please take the time to write a letter to Jamil (and share a photo of your completed envelopes with us online):
Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin #99974-555
USP Tucson
Post Office Box 24550
Tucson, Arizona 85734

BK/NY – Friday, June 5th – #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Noise Demo

WHAT: Noise Demo
WHEN: 4:00pm, Friday, June 5th 2020
Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, the federal prison in Brooklyn); meeting at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 30th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232 (D/N/R to 36th Street or R to 25th Street)
COST: Free
2020 noise demoIn solidarity with the international Justice for George Floyd and in response to the prison cop murder of Jamel Floyd at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement NYC (RAM-NYC) and NYC ABC will be outside MDC making noise in support of those behind the walls. Come #MakeNoise with us in NYC as we join solidarity actions here and around the country.

Since the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on May 25, a previously unimaginable wave of revolt has swept across the country. People have fought back against the cops, who for so long have slaughtered Black folks in the streets without consequences. As we come close to the brink of revolution that could finally abolish white supremacist police and the institutions that constitute policing, we will be struggling closely alongside our imprisoned comrades, who face enslavement in the prison system.

On June 3, Jamel Floyd, who was imprisoned at Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), was murdered by guards after staging a rebellion in his cell. NYC ABC stands in solidarity with those fighting for freedom against the system that places them in cages and regularly brutalizes them.

The police and prison system operate hand in glove to murder, enslave, and terrorize Black people. In order to abolish police, we must also abolish prisons!

All power to the rebels, fighting against injustice and for a better world!