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NYC – Monday July 31st – In Defense of Revolutionary Struggle

WHAT: Book presentation & community discussion
WHEN: 7:00pm, Monday, July 31st
WHERE: Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe, 172 Allen Street, Manhattan

NOTE: Bluestockings is on the ground floor, is wheelchair accessible, and has a gender neutral toilet.
COST: Free


Join NYC ABC and Tilted Scales Collective for a community discussion about strengthening our struggles for liberation when facing criminal charges. This presentation and discussion are based on the ideas in the recently published book, A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant. The Tilted Scales Collective is excited to bring you this comprehensive guide about facing charges in the criminal legal system. Rather than being a how-to guide, this book offers a way of thinking about criminal charges that is based on defendants’ goals: personal, political, and legal. And these goals are framed with this question in mind:

“How is my case part of revolutionary struggle?”

The government is all too successful at using criminal charges to disrupt, destroy, and neutralize radical and revolutionary struggles for liberation. The defendant’s guide draws on the wisdom of dozens of people who have weathered the challenges of trials and incarceration, including many former and current political prisoners/prisoners of war. This event is part of a nationwide tour aiming to help strengthen our movements on all fronts and take away the power of criminal charges. By thinking strategically and being in solidarity with each other, we can turn terrible situations in movement-building ones!

Tilted Scales Collective is a small collective of dedicated legal support organizers who have spent years supporting and fighting for prisoners in the occupied lands of Turtle Island (i.e., the so-called united states).

Want the book now? Order from AK Press. Proceeds also support Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC), a prison abolitionist group that sends a resource list to prisoners nationwide.

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NYC – Sunday, January 31st – International Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners

WHAT: Letter-writing
WHEN: 2:00-4:00pm, Sunday, January 31st
WHERE: Bluestockings172 Allen Street, New York, New York 10002

transprisoners event imageNYC Black & Pink, Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, and NYC Anarchist Black Cross invite you to a special letter writing event. More about the International Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners below!

There will be drinks and snacks available for sale through Bluestockings. We’ll also have more info on ways that you can start find an LGBTQ prisoner pen-pal if you want.

What can you bring?
Writing materials! Stamps if you want! We can always use more postage!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Read more…

NYC – Saturday, September 12th – Film: Warrior, the Life of Leonard Peltier

WHAT: Film Screening
WHEN: 7:00pm, Saturday, September 12th
WHERE: Bluestockings172 Allen Street New York, New York 10002
COST: Free
film poster
To honor Leonard Peltier’s 71st birthday, with the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and NYC Jericho Movement, NYC ABC is co-sponsoring a free screening of Warrior: The Life Of Leonard Peltier. Although not a new film, Warrior covers the story of Leonard Peltier, an innocent man locked away for life in the U.S. prison system. Leonard is a Native American political prisoner, convicted of a crime that he did not commit during a bloody shootout on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. Around the world his trial and conviction have been denounced as a sham. Please join us and sign a birthday card to Leonard and a letter to President Obama asking that he grant executive clemency to Leonard.
Read more…

Anarchist Book Fair Event – Prisoners Are Speaking: Are We Listening?

WHAT: Panel discussion on recent political prisoner writings
WHEN: 7:00pm, Saturday, April 6th
WHERE: Bluestockings Books – 172 Allen Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan
COST: $5, suggested donation

NYC Anarchist Black Cross, PM Press, and Resistance in Brooklyn present . . .

Prisoners Are Speaking: Are We Listening?

Whether in the medium of books or in other writing, letters, artwork, or through deeds themselves, prisoners in resistance are speaking out. Some are political prisoners and/or prisoners of war imprisoned for their political actions in social movements, including traditions of anti-imperialist national liberation; others are survivors of white supremacist capitalist mass incarceration and state control politicized by experience and solidarity.

They speak out against the prison system, against special control units and solitary confinement, against political imprisonment and political retribution. They act and speak to incite, to inspire, to leave movement legacies behind. Some speak out against oppression, silence, invisibility, and oblivion. Some speak to exist. They call out for solidarity in and outside of the walls.

For those of us who are not incarcerated: Are we reading? Are we listening? Are we hearing them? Are prisoner voices truly finding the eyes, ears, and hearts of anarchists and others on the outside in minimum custody? Are we responding? Are we carrying forward the visions we share?

An NYC Anarchist Bookfair discussion of

Maroon the Implacable: the collected writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz, Edited by Fred Ho and Quincy Saul
Oscar Lopez Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance, Edited by Luis Nieves Falcon
We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America, by Matt Meyer

Featuring panelists . .

Marina Ortiz
has drawn from her background as a stateside ghetto Rican to craft a versatile body of work that includes broadcast and print media, direct action, spoken word and other forms of cultural and political expression that call for social justice and liberation.

Russell Maroon Shoatz III 
Son of political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz who along with his sisters advocates for his father and for all political prisoners and prisoners of war.

And featuring facilitation and introductions by Matt Meyer, Author of books such as We Have Not Been Moved and more, Editor of Let Freedom Ring and more, and long-time writer and organizer for anti-imperialist, anti-military, and pro-political-prisoner movements.

Endorsed by:
Bluestockings Prisoner Letter Writing Group, Hell Gate Anarchist Black Cross,, #nothingtobegainedhere, NYC Campaign to Free Russell Maroon Shoatz, S. Brooklyn ABCF,