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BK/NY – Tuesday, November 11th – Letter-writing to 5E3 and Eric King

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
WHEN: 7pm (sharp), Tuesday, November 11th, 2014
WHERE: The Base1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below)
COST: Free
5E3_Eric KingNEWSFLASH: We’re anarchists. That should come as no surprise– it’s right there in our name. We organize as anarchists– collectively, against the state and capital. So for us to move the letter-writing dinners we have consistently hosted for about eight years to one of the few explicitly anarchist public spaces in the five boroughs simply makes sense. And how will we begin this leg of the journey? By writing to imprisoned anarchists!

Carlos López Martin, Fallon Rouiller, and Amélie Trudeau make up the 5E3, who are being charged by the Mexican state for an arson of a Nissan dealership and the neighboring ministry of communication and transportation in January of this year. On October 31, 2014, they were each sentenced by the federal court to seven years and six months imprisonment for the attack on the Secretariat of Communications and Transport. The three still await non-federal sentencing for the attack on a Nissan dealership.

Eric G. King, a 28-year-old vegan anarchist, was arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, Missouri. Eric allegedly threw a hammer through a window of the building and then threw two lit bottles inside, though both failed to ignite. NOTE: Eric is pre-trial. DO NOT write about his arrest, his case, or the charges he faces. Too often, letters written to comrades who are pre-trial, and discuss those things, are used as evidence at trial. More information at

While we expect to see you on Tuesday, if you can’t make it, please take the time to write a letter to these comrades:
Carlos López Marín
Reclusorio Preventivo Oriente
Calle Reforma #50, Col. San Lorenzo Tezonco
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09800, Ciudad de México, D.F.

Fallon Rouiller
Centro Femenil de Reinserción Social Santa Martha Acatitla
Calzada Ermita, Iztapalapa No 4037, Colonia Santa Martha Acatitla
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09560, Ciudad de México, D.F.

Amélie Trudeau
Centro Femenil de Reinserción Social Santa Martha Acatitla
Calzada Ermita, Iztapalapa No 4037, Colonia Santa Martha Acatitla
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09560, Ciudad de México, D.F.

Eric King 27090045
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048
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NYC – Tuesday, February 4th – Letter-Writing Dinner For Bill Dunne and Zolo Azania

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
WHEN: 7pm sharp, Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
WHERE: CAGE83A Hester Street (UPSTAIRS) New York, New York 10002 (directions below)
COST: Free
azania_dunneTAKE TWO (having been polar vortexed into postponing this event):

If NYC ABC were a factory (obviously in which we’ve seized the means of production and offed every goddamned boss in sight), we would be upping our productivity. Between co-hosting an amazing workshop, roadshow and traveling protest by the Bunny Alliance; a talk on the No More Deaths project in Arizona; the fundraising drive for antiracist prisoner John Tucker; and and our upcoming solidarity demo with imprisoned comrades in Mexico, we are busy. Thrown into the mix is our cornerstone– the Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner. This week we will be writing Zolo Azania and Bill Dunne.

For decades, the State of Indiana was trying to kill Zolo, a former Black Panther and community organizer, for allegedly killing a cop during a 1981 armed robbery. However, Zolo’s innocence quickly became clear, on the basis on false evidence and two trials which excluded Black jurors. While in 2009, he finally won his battle to drop the death penalty, he still currently faces the prospect of life in prison for actions that he never committed.

Bill Dunne is an anti-authoritarian sentenced to 90 years for the attempted liberation of an anarchist prisoner in 1979. Dunne and his former co-defendant, Larry Giddings, were accused by police of being “members of a small, heavily armed group of revolutionaries,” associated with the Wellspring Communion. The two successfully freed Artie Ray Dufur, but were arrested after an exchange of fire with police as they were fleeing the scene.

Come find out more about Zolo and Bill, and other political prisoner news, and enjoy a meal with friends (new or old).

In the unthinkable event that you are not able to attend, but still want to support the prisoners, you can write to them at:
Zolo Azania #4969
State Prison Minimum Unit
1 Park Row
Michigan City, Indiana 46360

Bill Dunne #10916-086
USP Pollock
Post Office Box 2099
Pollock, Louisiana 71467
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NYC – Friday, January 17th – Solidarity Demonstration at Mexican Consulate

ameli_fallon_carlosWHAT: Demonstration in Solidarity With The 5e3
WHEN: 11:30am (SHARP), Friday, January 17th
WHERE: Mexican Consulate, 27 East 39th Street (between Lexington and Park Avenues)

On January 5th, three anarchist comrades— two from Canada, one from Mexico, were arrested in Mexico City for alleged molotov attacks on a car dealership and a government building. The three (5e3) are now facing a variety of very serious charges, including terrorist charges. In response to the call, included after the jump, for an international day of solidarity with the 5e3, NYC Anarchist Black Cross will hold a demonstration at the Mexican Consulate.


Letter from Fallon:
Letter from Carlos:
Call for financial support:
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