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Rest in Power Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald (April 11, 1949—March 29, 2021)

We are saddened and angered by the death that Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald suffered behind bars. Chip was a parent, grandparent, uncle, mentor, and Black Panther. He was held for 51 years which makes him one of the longest serving political prisoners anywhere in the world. Chip was continually denied both adequate medical care and compassionate release, though he clearly posed no threat to anyone. Chip became eligible for parole in 1976, and was partially paralyzed by a stroke in 1998. It is obvious to us that even by the inhumane logic of the carceral system he had over-served his sentence by decades, and was only being kept inside out of spite for his active participation in the ongoing struggle for Black Liberation.

The fact that neither the pandemic raging through California prisons nor Chip’s own failing health moved the corrupt powers-that-be to release him proves the callousness with which they regard the lives of Black people, not to mention the emptiness of their “progressive” posturing.

We honor Chip for his years of sacrifice and dedication. Even as we mourn his loss we celebrate the struggle for which he gave his life.

The Struggle continues…
Until All are Free!


International Call For New Year’s Eve Noise Demonstrations

This is a call for a night of strong solidarity with those imprisoned by the state. Historically, New Year’s Eve is one of the noisiest nights of the year. This year, most of which has been consumed by a global pandemic, we encourage folks to take whatever measures are necessary to insure individual and community well-being, in response to both the virus and the state, understanding the balance each of us must strike for ourselves. Given our current reality, on New Year’s Eve gather your crew, collective, community, organization, or just yourself to raise a racket and remind those on the inside that they are not alone.

Internationally, noise demonstrations outside of prisons are a way to remember those who are held captive by the state and a way to show solidarity with imprisoned comrades and loved ones. We come together to break the loneliness and isolation.

We know that prison is beyond reform and must be completely abolished. It is a mechanism of repression used by the state to maintain a social order rooted in white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. To come together outside of the sites of repression is to also stand in defiance of what they represent.

The logic of the state and capital—of punishment and imprisonment, must be replaced by a rejection of oppression and exploitation. This call is one step in that direction.

Wherever you are, meet on New Year’s Eve at the prisons, jails, and detention centers, be loud in solidarity with those imprisoned and to push forward the idea of a world free from domination.

We send this call in solidarity with those defying state repression of large scale dissent: from the George Floyd uprisings to ongoing defiance in Greece by those facing repression as anarchists, and all of those in the spaces between.

We want a world without walls and borders.

We will fight together until everyone is free!

In memory of Tom Manning – A Memorial Zine

Some friends have put together a zine collecting the public statements made in memory of Tom Manning since he passed away on July 30th.

We wanted to offer it to people today to join in spirit with all those who gathered for Tom’s memorial in Boston.

Tom was a comrade, an elder and a teacher for generations on both sides of the walls. Many of us will always continue to carry Tom’s spirit in our hearts and our work. We thought that having these beautiful statements collected in a zine would be one way to honor Tom and to help our many different projects and spaces keep Tom present with us. We also wanted to collect the statements to uplift and support the political prisoners who wrote about Tom and heed their words about our struggles as we mourn a movement elder.

Here is the reading version and the printable version of the zine.

RIP, Tom Manning.

NYC ABC Statement on Tom Manning’s Death

As a collective, New York City Anarchist Black Cross (NYC ABC) is deeply saddened by the death of Tom Manning. Make no mistake—Tom Manning died in prison due to repression, indifference, torture, and neglect, spanning decades, at the hands of the state. It was in the state’s interest to heap abuse on Tom, as it does all political prisoners, in an attempt to break him, as well as to send a message to us on the outside. It is our charge to act with the same dedication, principle, and courage that Tom consistently demonstrated as he remained unbroken.

Tom showed us that being selfless does not mean being a martyr. Tom made sacrifice after sacrifice in the name of revolution—against imperialism, colonialism, white supremacy, and oppression, but not to draw attention to himself. What Tom gave up was due to the burning in his chest for freedom for all. His example continues to guide NYC ABC as we both organize to support our political prisoners and struggle against the state and capital.

Through his art, Tom was a steady reminder that revolt must include beauty. The least we can do is continue what he started and never let his name be forgotten.

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