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Tuesday, December 27th – Letter Writing To Nikki Hubbard

27 December 2022

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing
WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday, December 27th, 2022
COST: Free

There are always ebbs and flows in every aspect of the intersecting avenues of liberation struggles and supporting political prisoners is no exception. Actually this work that we do together might be a bellwether for both the state of our movements and social/political trends of society at large. It is certainly a better barometer than election cycles for instance. And we are unfortunately entering a time in which the trend of seeing a few comrades be able to come home over the past few years (while others have been sadly left to die inside) is being reversed, as harsh charges and sentences are being meted out to several activists for organizing against police brutality, standing up to right wing violence, and defending what is left our natural spaces. But it is important to remember that as much as we are heartbroken that our comrades are forcibly caged and kept separated from their lives and loved ones, we must also honor and celebrate their courage and determination to actively resist harm to their communities and our shared planet.

This week, we are encouraging you to join us in writing to Nikki Hubbard. Nikki is a BLM activist who was recently sentenced to over 4 years for counter-protesting a Pro-Trump “Patriot’s March” in Pacific Beach, CA. According to her supporters, none of the Pro-Trump protesters were detained however Nikki and many other defendants were arrested for conspiracy, assault, and unlawful tear gas (for having pepper spray). Nikki is trans femme and is currently being held in a men’s facility despite her legal Driver’s License gender being changed to Female. Her partner has set up a link tree for her where you can find social media, mutual aid, and donation links related to Nikki’s case and causes. From what we hear, Nikki is interested in psychology, viking-era fantasy fiction, and history.

Also, Nikki’s birthday is January 7th, so please wish her the happiest of birthdays possible while inside!

Note: The prison system is inhumane and cis-heterosexist, so envelopes must be addressed to Nikki’s State/deadname (below). Address the letter itself to her actual name, Nikki. (A petition to get her moved to a women’s prison will be set up in the near future.)

Free Nikki! Free Them All!

Please join NYC ABC in a letter to Nikki Hubbard:

Erich Yach #BU6682
Wasco State Prison Recpetion Center
701 Scofield Ave.,
P.O. Box 5500,
Wasco, CA 93280
*address letter to Nikki*

As always, please refer to the “Write a Letter” section if it’s your first time writing someone inside.

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