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NYC ABC Statement on Tom Manning’s Death

As a collective, New York City Anarchist Black Cross (NYC ABC) is deeply saddened by the death of Tom Manning. Make no mistake—Tom Manning died in prison due to repression, indifference, torture, and neglect, spanning decades, at the hands of the state. It was in the state’s interest to heap abuse on Tom, as it does all political prisoners, in an attempt to break him, as well as to send a message to us on the outside. It is our charge to act with the same dedication, principle, and courage that Tom consistently demonstrated as he remained unbroken.

Tom showed us that being selfless does not mean being a martyr. Tom made sacrifice after sacrifice in the name of revolution—against imperialism, colonialism, white supremacy, and oppression, but not to draw attention to himself. What Tom gave up was due to the burning in his chest for freedom for all. His example continues to guide NYC ABC as we both organize to support our political prisoners and struggle against the state and capital.

Through his art, Tom was a steady reminder that revolt must include beauty. The least we can do is continue what he started and never let his name be forgotten.

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