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October 23rd-30th – New Incentive For Alex Stuck (Tinley Park Five) Donors

tinley park five t-shirt designsFrom October 23rd-30th, whoever makes the largest donation of over $30 to the Alex Stuck release fund can choose a t-shirt with either of the two designs pictured above.

Alex Stuck of the Tinley Park 5 is due to be released from prison at the end of this month or by early November. So , Bloomington ABC , NYC ABC , and Sacramento Prisoner Support have launched a campaign to start a release fund for Alex.

From j.mp/alexstuck:
“Alex…was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for attacking and stopping an organizing luncheon of white supremacists. The meeting of white nationalists and neo-Nazis took place in Tinley Park, Illinois in May 2012.

With good time, Alex will be getting out in late October or early November. Alex has enjoyed many letters, correspondences and book & commissary donations from his supporters during his time in captivity (y’all have helped to make his time much more tolerable!), but prisoner support doesn’t end when our comrades are released; transitioning out of prison can be a difficult time for former prisoners.

Having felonies on one’s record creates barriers to housing and employment. Many things about their lives and communities may have changed during their time inside, so extra effort is required to provide support and build solidarity to avoid isolation and undue financial hardship. Please help us create a gracious homecoming and a smooth re-entry for Alex.”

Please remember that prisoner support doesn’t end when a comrade is released. Through halfway houses, supervised release, parole, or probation, there is usually state supervision beyond the initial sentence. Also, prison is traumatic. And of course there is the stigma of being a former prisoner that effects nearly every aspect of one’s life. All of this adds up to the less obvious, but equally necessary, support needed when our loved ones come home. Donate to your ability and show an anti-fascist comrade how we welcome folks home.

If for whatever reason you’d rather donate to Alex offline, please make the check payable to Alex Stuck and mail it to:
Sacramento Prisoner Support
Post Office Box 163126
Sacramento, California 95816

If you’d like to write to Alex to let him know you’re thinking of him and that you’re glad he’s getting out soon, he’d love to hear from you. His current address is:
Alex Stuck M34020
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 North Brinton Avenue
Dixon, Illinois 61021

More information is available at tinleyparkfive.wordpress.com and j.mp/alexstuck

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