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Saturday! Running Down the Walls!

On Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at 3pm,

the NYC Anarchist Black Cross will host a 5k run/walk/jog in solidarity with the Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War held in North America. We’ll be running on the same day as other ABCs and other organizations around the country as well as some of the prisoners who will be running in the rec yards. We will be passing the hat to raise much-needed funds for the ABCF’s Warchest program.

This will be followed by a spirited picnic afterparty at 5pm.


Run/walk/jog- Saturday, August 7th, 2010, 3pm.
Picnic afterparty- Saturday, August 7th, 2010, 5pm.


Runners, walkers, and joggers will meet at 3pm on the steps of the
Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza at Eastern Parkway in
Brooklyn (take the 2/3 train to Grand Army Plaza).

Picnic afterparty feasters and frolickers- the Long Meadow

Proceeds will be split between the ABCF Warchest and the Sekou Odinga
Defense Committee

ABCF Warchest:

The ABCF Warchest program is now almost 16 years old; funds for the
Warchest are divided and distributed through monthly stipends to political
prisoners who receive little or no financial aid. Prisoners use this money
to cover the basic necessities of everyday living. Funds have been used by
prisoners to pay for stamps, shoes, clothes, as well as assisting their
families with what little they can.

Sekou Odinga:

Sekou Odinga is a New Afrikan Prisoner of War with roots in the
Organization of Afro-American Unity, the Harlem and Bronx Black Panther
Party, the Provisional Republic of New Afrika, as well as the Black
Liberation Army. In July 2009 after forty years of captivity as a POW,
Sekou finally finished his sentence in the US federal prison system only
to be transferred to Shwangunk Correctional to begin a 25-year NY-state
sentence at the age of 66. He is currently in need of legal funds to make
a case for his release from NY state which has, along with the United
States government, conspired to make an example of him  by keeping him
perpetually incarcerated in violation of international law. Sekou was the
first prisoner to receive Warchest funds. The Sekou Odinga Defense
Committee can be reached at nycjericho@gmail.com.

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