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TUES (November 10th) – Letter-writing Dinner in the Bronx!!!

WHAT: Political-Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner!
WHEN: Tuesday, November 10th, 7pm EST
WHERE: Red Roots Community Art Space in THE SOUTH BRONX! 503C Wales Avenue, Bronx, New York (Directions Below)
Free Them All!
Greetings, New York! As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, do yourself a favor and join us for some hearty stick-to-the-ribs home-cooked vegan dinner as well as an opportunity to warm the spirit by connecting with your comrades behind the walls.

A NOTE ON THE LOCATION: To our regulars from Brooklyn, you’ve stuck with us so far, please make the trip uptown! It will be worth it to check out this awesome space! To everybody who lives uptown and complains that it’s too far to come down and write letters in Brooklyn: now is your chance! See you on Tuesday!

This Tuesday’s dinner will focus on two Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoners Jaan Laaman and Tom Manning. Both are imprisoned for actions carried out by United Freedom Front (UFF), a left-wing guerrilla group active in the United States in the early 1980s: The group targeted government institutions and major corporations that had ties to the South African Apartheid system or right-wing paramilitaries in Central America. This included taking actions directly against the South African and United States governments, attacking various government buildings. Members of the group were charged with various crimes from murder, firefights with government forces, seditious conspiracy to weapons charges.

The deal, as always, is that you come bringing only yourself (and your friends and comrades), and we provide you with a delicious meal, information about a political prisoner or group of prisoners as well as all of the letter-writing materials and prisoner-letter-writing info you could ever want to use in one evening. In return, you write a thoughtful letter to a political prisoner or prisoner of war of your choosing or, better yet, keep up a long-term correspondence. We’ll also provide some brief updates and pass around a birthday card for the PP/POW’s whose birthdays fall in the next two weeks thanks to the Anarchist Birthday Brigade. Don’t miss this!

DIRECTIONS: Getting to the Red Roots Community Art Space is as easy as PIE (Shh! Will there be pie?):

From the 6 Train:
Walk west on 149th Street and make a left on Wales Avenue. We’re halfway down the block, just past the church.

From the 2,5 Train:
Walk south on Jackson and make a left on 149th Street, and make a right on Wales Avenue. We’re halfway down the block, just past the church.

If you have any trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to call 718.213.4209!

And finally, the addresses for those of you insist on cooking your own food and writing from home…

Jaan K. Laaman #10372-016
USP Tucson
Post Office Box 24550
Tucson, Arizona 85734

Thomas Manning #10373-016
USP Hazelton
Post Office Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525

This event is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Anarchist Black Cross.

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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