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POSTPONED/New (Rain) Date – Still Rolling Down The Walls!

What: Rolling Down the Walls!
When: Saturday, September 19th, 2009, 5 pm – late
Where: Grand Army Plaza to Fort Tilden Beach

On Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 5 p.m., New York City Anarchist Black Cross will host the second annual NYC off-shoot of the continental Anarchist Black Cross Federation’s Running Down the Walls. The 8-mile bike ride to Fort Tilden beach is to celebrate the end of summer while raising much-needed funds for the ABCF’s Warchest program and the New York chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

ABCF Warchest:
The Warchest program was created in November of 1994. Funds for the Warchest are divided and distributed through monthly stipends to political prisoners who receive little or no other financial aid. Prisoners use this money to cover the basic necessities of everyday living. Funds have been used by prisoners to pay for shoes, clothes, as well as assisting their families with what little they can.

MXGM (New York):
The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is an organization of Afrikans in America/New Afrikans whose mission is to defend the human rights of our people and promote self-determination in our community. We understand that the collective institutions of white-supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism have been at the root of our people’s oppression. We understand that without community control and without the power to determine our own lives, we will continue to fall victim to genocide. Therefore, we seek to heighten our consciousness about self-determination as a human right and a solution to our colonization. While organizing around our principles of unity, we are building a network of Black/New Afrikan activists and organizers committed to the protracted struggle for the liberation of the New Afrikan Nation – By Any Means Necessary!

Solidarity Runs:

Every year, prisoners and supporters of political prisoners organize solidarity runs. This year there are runs at the following locations: Arcata, California; Ashland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Marion, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Tucson, Arizona; Navasota, Texas; and West Massachusetts.

Support the Struggle:

We must remember that many of those arrested in the past or present are not far from us. Many of them were and are community and labor activists, queer, and environmental activists; people who decided to speak out against various forms of oppression and paid the price of their freedom for their actions. We must remember that anyone of these people could have at one time stood beside us in a demonstration, at a speak-out, or even at an organizing meeting. At any given moment it could be us who finds ourselves in this situation, so it is imperative that we ensure that a strong enough community of support exists for these people as well as ourselves. The strength of our movement is determined by how much we support our imprisoned comrades. As anarchist prisoner of war Ojore Lutalo says, “Any Movement that does not support its political internees, is a sham movement.” So please help us, help them! Help us, help you!

We encourage people to participate in raising funds for the Warchest, which can be done in the following ways:

Be a Rider: Join us at 5 p.m. at Grand Army Plaza. We are asking a $5-$15 sliding scale donation for the event. Refreshments and beverages will be served at the beach after-party, and we will be riding by the Books Through Bars bake sale at the Park Slope Food Co-op to pick up some treats for the ride. As a participant in the ride, you will also receive a fancy spoke card.

Join us for the After-party: To get to Fort Tilden beach via public transit, take the 2 (also 5 at rush hours) to Flatbush Avenue. Transfer to the Q35 bus from Flatbush Avenue at the corner of Nostrand, Kings Highway, Fillmore Avenue or Avenue U (Kings Plaza). After the bridge, ask the driver to let you off at Fort Tilden. Alternate: Take the A to Rockaway Park then Q35 or Q22 bus to the park. Walk south along the beach until you see us! We´ll be there from about 6 p.m. until after the sun sets.

Sponsor a Runner: This can be done through a flat donation to the runner of your choice. We ask from those who wish not to run to actively support those who are running in hopes of collecting as much for our comrades as possible. For details on sponsoring a runner, go here.

Sponsor Rolling Down the Walls: Any amount helps. Contact us if you wish to simply donate money to the cause.

Statement of Solidarity from United Freedom Front political prisoner Jaan Laaman

“Thank you for running at this special event that means so much to many of us all over the world, both free and imprisoned. In a relative way, we are all political prisoners because it is the politics of this system of things that is exploiting, crushing, imprisoning, and destroying the masses all over the world and the earth itself. Then there are those who know this and take actions against those who seek to deny us our rightful place on earth as common human brethren. Those are the ones we run for and seek to help… whom sacrificed their family, freedom and lives, so that our lives may be better! The fact that you ran with us is a sign that when the red-hour comes, you will not be caught asleep. You are conscious and you too are willing to represent. The potential in you is great. Thank you for running for the cause!”

“As we ran we were thinking and talking about all the runners in Los Angeles and how we’d love to be out there running with them. We also spoke about the other political prisoners who were running with us in at least some other prisons.”

Brought to you by:
NYC Anarchist Black Cross
Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211


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